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News: Danish & French Television News - 1970

Danish Television News

Transmitted by: (Danish TV) B&W 5th January 1970
On 29th December 1969 the Lennon's flew to Denmark to stay with Yoko's ex-husband Tony Cox (and his new wife Melinda) in the small village of Aalborg to spend New Year with Yoko's daughter Kyoko. Whilst there they gave two or three press conferences, one of which was filmed and transmitted as a 3 minute sequence by Danish Television news.
"I support humanity, I don't belong to any left wing, right wing, middle wing, Black Panthers, White Christians, Protestants, Catholics, or nothing. People have said we're naive for trying to sell peace like a bar of soap. But I want to ask you, is Mr. Ford naive? Or is the soap powder factory naive? They're selling the same old soap that's been around for two thousand years, but suddenly it's new blue soap. So we're selling new blue peace and we hope some of you buy it. The war is here now and there's two ways of looking at it. Some people say, Why did you spend your money on posters or peace campaigns? Why didn'y you give it to the Biafran children, or something like that? And we say, We're trying to prevent cancer, not cure it."
Two weeks later, whilst still in Denmark, John and Yoko both had their long hair cropped very short.

French Television News

Transmitted by: Various stations Colour 26th January 1970


On their return home from Denmark, the Lennon's had to make a detour to France. Whilst there they were interviewed by a news team in a Paris Hotel.....
Newsman: "Mr Lennon, why did you decide to cut your hair?"
John: "Because I felt like it, you know."
Newsman: "So there was no special reason?"
John: "No, I mean why do you cut yours?"
Newsman: "I suppose as a leader of a sort...of a peace movement..do you have any special plans on the future?"
John: "I'm not a leader, and I try not to make plans, you know, we have no new plans."
Yoko: "We just like to come across with the message of peace and love."
John: "Peace, peace"
Newsman: "You're going back to London now I suppose?"
John: "Yes. We only came because the fog wouldn't let us in London. We were on our way to London. We just got held up. But we enjoyed it."
Newsman: "When are you going to London?"
John: "Now."
Newsman: "And what will you do when you get there?"
John: "Go home."
Newsman: "I understand the Beatles have just recorded a new record..."
John: "A new Single...Let it be, folks."
Newsman: "What it the record about?"
John: "About Letting it be."
Newsman: "Can you explain that?"
John: "You'll hear it."
Newsman: "You must listen to it?"
John: "Listen, Listen.....Je me leve a sept heures."

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